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BizTalk Server White Papers

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BizTalk Server 2009 White Papers

1. Create custom receive pipeline component to convert excel to xml

The purpose of this custom pipeline is to decode the .xlsx files and convert it to xml Logic: This solution is based on the Stream supported in BizTalk Server 2010 and up. The caching is set to disk. The default location is for this file is default ‘%Temp%’ path.

IComponent is the most important interface in the component, as it contains the processing logic for messages. This interface contains a single method, Execute, which takes two parameters. BizTalk calls the Execute method to process the message, and then passes the message and the context of the message as the two parameters. This method contain all logic for the pipeline component. After getting the message body from the messagebase object by saving bodypart in Ibasemessagepart object, saving the file content in memory to read it easily. Using OpenXMLSDKv2 logic, converting the Excel stream into XML content. GAC the Pipeline component to use in the further steps.

2. Create SQL stored procedure, and generate schema for stored procedure using WCF-SQL adapter

Create SQL stored procedure, and generate schema for stored procedure using WCF-SQL adapter.

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 Operations Guide

3. Create Map for transform excel xml to stored procedure xml
Create Map for transforming excel xml to stored procedure xml.
4. Create BizTalk Application that can receive Excel using the above custom pipeline

In this step, create the BizTalk application. In that, add custom receive pipeline file, and add the above custom pipeline component, in the ‘Validate’ process step. Complete the Orchestration flow.

5. Complete the workflow, deploy and configure application

Complete the workflow, deploy and configure application. Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 Performance Optimization Guide Improving Fault Tolerance in BizTalk Server by Using a Windows Server Cluster Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009 RFID Operations Guide Installing and Running BizTalk Server 2009 RFID in a Windows Server 2008 Cluster BizTalk Server 2009 Hyper-V Guide

BizTalk Server 2006 R2 White Papers

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