We understand the requirements of large, mid-sized and small retailers in these highly specialized markets, and creating solutions tailored to their needs. Best of all, because Somex engagements begin with our thorough discovery and implementation process, you’ll get more than a software suite.

More about our product features:


Somex Soft’ retail point of sale allows your team to enter and complete sales orders, layaways, quotes, exchanges, returns, and service orders with ease and efficiency. Our user-friendly design makes the checkout process smooth and expedient, allowing you to deliver quality customer service

Inventory Control & Merchandising

Precise Inventory Tracking maintains real-time updates of inventory quantities and statuses across your supply chain. Audit tracking by user and store location minimizes inventory shrinkage. Somex’ retail inventory control system allows for updates of multiple stock adjustments from a single, user-friendly screen. This includes quantity adjustments, product status, pricing, discounting, transfers, write-offs, vendor chargebacks, special order details and more.

Logistics & Distribution

Offers aid to manage all Logistical processes like sales order fulfillment, deliveries, pickups, transfers, returns and exchanges. Delivery Management, Logistical Scheduling Advanced Warehouse Management.

Customer Service

Somex Soft offers technology to help you manage your customer service department and CRM to build customer satisfaction and retention, Increase the average value of each customer, Develop tailored and personalized approaches, Optimize your sales force productivity, Make strategic decisions using behavioral insights.


General Ledger posts all activity across POS, distribution, and back-office processing for balancing and reconciliation.

Accounts Payable efficiently manages vendor purchase orders, invoicing, payments, discounts, customer refunds and all monies due from a single entry screen

Finance at a Glance Reporter allows users with security access to create financial statements for single or multiple companies including Profit & Loss statements and Balance Sheets.

System Tools

Somex Soft’ System Tools are easy-to-use applications that will enhance your company in various area. These tools increase accuracy, efficiency and security within your system. Automated software update services allow for instant notification and delivery of new features. Once our product testing is completed, Somex Soft server clients have unlimited access to our software enhancements and online documentation.