Invoice Processing Solution

Trade in late payments, lost invoices, and a lack of visibility over manual invoice processing for an automated solution that improves your internal processes and relations with customers.

SomexSofts invoice processing software automates the processes of scanning, interpreting, and filing of invoice data. No matter how invoices enter your organization on paper or in any electronic form the software intelligently extracts the important information and validates it according to a pre-defined set of rules. To simplify set-up, SomexSofts offers many different country-specific profiles, programmed with region-specific criteria like VAT rates, date formats, and currency characters. It’s an easy-to-install, out-of-the-box invoice processing solution that’s still adaptable to your business requirements.

Benefits :

Increased Processing Speed and Reduced Processing Costs

Capture paper and electronic invoices automatically as soon as they are received. Automatically trigger electronic invoice approval workflows for coding and appropriate approvals for on-time payment. Reduce data entry costs through automatic recognition and validation of invoice line items. Achieve payback in less than 12 months.

Enhanced Visibility and Improved Control

Convert all invoices into standard format electronic files and data that can be accessed from the computer desktop, at any time, by anyone who is authorized and by multiple people at once. Implement a formal, auditable process for capturing invoices, regardless of format or content, and implement security measures and retention policies to reduce risk of compliance failure.

Better Data Quality and Improved Accuracy

Validate all invoices as they are captured so approval processes run smoothly and improve business decisions by providing high quality supplier data.

Optimized Cash Management and Real-time Performance Management

Better leverage early payment discounts and avoid late payment penalties. Get visibility process to ensure adherence to key performance indicators (KPIs) and service level agreements (SLAs).

Features :

We’ve built in powerful features that help large organizations and emerging businesses improve and manage their invoice processing, including :

  • Matching automates invoice processing – checking invoices against POs and contracts – before transferring to your back end system
  • Expense management integrates expense workflow and reduces intensive manual handling of claims up to 66%
  • Mobility removes bottlenecks and provides process access wherever, whenever

We support all legislated invoice archiving requirements with both an e-Archive (for e-Invoices only) and a Document Archive for permanent archival of all document types.