Salesforce for Software

Salesforce CRM has become synonymous with excellence in CRM. But did you know that software companies are leveraging Salesforce to build solutions that go far beyond CRM? With the platform and the AppExchange, the cloud computing marketplace, SALESFORCE is setting an amazing pace for innovation.

The AppExchange lets you get started quickly with pre-integrated apps specifically designed for software companies. It offers apps ranging from application lifecycle management to intellectual property management, license management, professional services automation, and M&A management that can help power your business.

A new platform for application development in the Internet era :

SALESFORCE has delivered the Internet's first and only multitenant operating system. Just like client-server technology replaced mainframe operating systems, helps you shift from PC applications to the cloud. It allows software companies to deliver applications faster and cheaper than using traditional platforms. Interesting in learning more? Point your developers at www.SALESFORCE/developer.

What's your company's strategy?

SALESFORCE has helped thousands of companies, large and small, transition to a new, cloud-based world. The AppExchange, a global marketplace with 1,400+ community-tested applications, is the destination of choice for cloud apps. That's why it is often referred to as the "iTunes of business apps."

Software companies are using the AppExchange to build, list, and sell apps in the cloud. At the same time they leverage Salesforce to market apps, drive leads, optimize their sales strategies, and grow revenues and market share.

CRM for Technology Companies

SALESFORCE CRM for Technology Companies including Software, SSS Manufacturing, Semiconductor, Consumer Electronics, and Equipment Manufacturers gives them edge ahead of competitors in their SSS environment. SSS helps them in implementing Industry leading SALESFORCE CRM applications. Technology Companies work in a global environment and have relatively shorter product life-cycles. In such business environment SALESFORCE CRM can provide them the desired tools and processes to stay ahead of competition.

Large number of Software companies around the world have standardized on Salesforce CRM. With the platform the solutions are expanded to entire organization. In SSS environments like hi tech manufacturing companies SALESFORCE ensures the high end user adoption rate, visibility across Sales cycle, integrated partner management, and ability to develop quickly on proven platform.